Jason Licht's Toughest Off-Season Coming Up

The Bucs top priority this off-season should be to cut out and remove the loser mentality from the locker room.

The Bucs lockerroom is a sensitive bunch right now. There are many young players, who I attribute Jason Licht and the scouting department for finding, who have very fragile mindsets right now. The last thing this franchise can afford is that these young players buy into the culture of losing that has infiltrated the Bucs' lockerroom dating back to the Raheem Morris era. 

"That’s the mentality that we have to change here at Tampa Bay," Jameis Winston said about the winning mentality of the Panthers. "We want people to be talking about, ‘Oh, did you know Tampa Bay lost today?’ and be happy that we lost. You know, that’s a good thing, because that means that we’re winning a lot of games." 

The Bucs top priority this off-season should be to rid themselves of any players who they deem having this "loser mentality" about them. I don't care who they are, what position they have, or how much money they make. We're two years into the Jason Licht era as Bucs' general manager, and it's time for him to make the tough, but right calls to clean out the lockerroom. This "loser mentality" is worse than the MRSA that Greg Schiano had to deal with, and tougher to get rid of as well.

Both players and coaches should be put on notice this off-season, but it starts with Jason Licht being willing to make those tough calls.


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