Time Frame for Bucs' Head Coach Announcement

The next 48 hours could provide Bucs fans with their next head coach.

The Buccaneers are reaching a crucial time in their pursuit of a new head coach. 

Now that the vote has been reached and we know which teams will be playing in Los Angelas, the Glazers can focus their attention to the Bucs next head coach. At the same time this vote was preparing to take place, it was reported by Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network that Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter formally interviewed for the Bucs head coaching position on Tuesday.

As the stars align, I believe the next 48 hours up to Thursday evening will tell us a lot about the Bucs search. It has been assumed that Koetter would be the clear replacement of Lovie Smith. That announcement could come before Thursday evening. I believe that if Koetter is not announced as Bucs head coach by Thursday evening, the Bucs may have another angle they are taking and that Koetter may not be a leading candidate anymore.

What is exciting and also frustrating with any Bucs head coaching search is how secretive the team is. It has long been rumored that Koetter would be the choice, but with each day that passes with silence regarding the Bucs, Bucs fans continue to expand their minds and imagine a bigger and better candidate taking over their favorite team. When these type of thoughts expand in the minds of Bucs fans, it may make the ultimate decision of Koetter feel like a let down.

Again, this is simply my belief, which is all any media member has right now, if Dirk Koetter is not named Bucs head coach within the next 36-48 hours, the Bucs may have something else up their sleeve.

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