Bucs Hire Dirk Koetter as Head Coach

The Buccaneers make it official and hire Dirk Koetter as head coach.

In possibly one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory, the Bucs have made it official and hired offensive coordiantor Dirk Koetter as the team's head coach.


Koetter takes over for Lovie Smith who was fired by the organization last Wednesday.

By keeping Koetter within the organization, and now as head coach, stability now remains within the offense and Jameis Winston. A candidate to be Koetter's offensive coordinator will likely be current QBs coach Mike Bajakian, who would also keep stability with the offense and Jameis Winston.

Defense will be Koetter's biggest question. Who will he bring in as defensive coordinator, and will he allow that person to build and run his defense? Will the Koetter and this new defensive coordinator make the tough decisions to cut players that need to be cut and play players that need to be on the field? Here is a list of defensive coordinator candidates I feel Koetter could choose from.

It is a new day with another new face running the Buccaneers, but it's also a face that keeps stability for an unstable franchise. 

We will have much more over the coming days.

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