Pros and Cons for Dirk Koetter

While the Bucs are still on their search for a new head coach, we evaluate the pros and cons that come with a hiring of Dirk Koetter.

Pros to Hiring Dirk Koetter:

-Stability with the Offense

-Stability for Jameis Winston

-Familiar voice for the team to follow

-Aggressive mentality

-Top 5 offense in 2015 (yards)

-Doug Martin became the 2nd leading rusher in the NFL

-Revamped the Bucs entire offensive line with 4 new starters

-Blunt and honest press conferences

-Track record of successful offenses with the Jaguars, Falcons, and Bucs

Cons to Hiring Dirk Koetter:

-Has never been a head coach in the NFL

-Bucs were 20th in points points scored and points per game in 2015

-As head coach at Arizona State, allowed an ugly environment by players

-Will he pick the right defensive coordinator?

-Will he want to call plays offensively? (This hurt Lovie)

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