Drama Builds for Bucs Fans as Koetter Assembles Coaching Staff

Dirk Koetter appears to be assembling a staff in case he is hired as a head coach for either the Bucs or the 49ers.

After a week of silence from the Buccaneers, the drama started to build quickly last night. It all started with one tweet from Profootballtalk.com...


This tweet set off a frenzy.

Bucs fans were finally relieved to know who their coach was going to end up being. The vibe I got from watching the reactionary tweets on twitter was more of relief than excitement. I think that's the type of candidate Dirk Koetter is. He is not a candidate that will get Bucs fans excited, but he's also a candidate that won't incite a panic either. 

Speaking of panic, this tweet happened about 5 minutes later...


Well, that's much different than the original tweet. So, which is it?

The plot thickens...


Oh, and it gets better...


Many others started joining this denial, including CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora...


There is a lot to digest here. 

First, it makes perfect sense for head coaching candidates to start piecing together a staff before they are hired. The goal is to make for a smooth transition into your new role. Koetter contacting potential assistants to join him is news, but it is not huge news because nothing is concrete yet...with the Bucs or the other team he interviewed with, the 49ers.

Next, the notion that Koetter has not been offered or even negotiated for the Bucs' head coaching position, should bring about some questions. The Bucs have had a week since Lovie Smith was fired. How have they not discussed any numbers with Koetter in terms of a new contract? I mean, what have they been doing for the past week? If they aren't into the process of negotiating with Koetter yet, is there another candidate that is more of a priority, making Koetter a legit fall back option?

That brings me to the response time. It was less than 10 minutes before every national NFL insider was squashing the initial rumors of Dirk Koetter as head coach of the Bucs being a done deal. Not only was the rumor put to rest, but multiple insiders had the news that the Bucs have yet to offer and negotiate with Koetter. I would have to assume that the Glazers and the Buccaneers were the ones to put this information out there, but the question is why? I believe there are two possible reasons:

1. The Glazers and Jason Licht do not want to force the 49ers to panic, swoop in, and offer Koetter a big contract. Announcing that Koetter is assembling a staff for the Bucs job could create a sense of urgency, which could lead to someone doing something a little too drastic. By saying they haven't even offered him the position; it calms everything down and allows the Buccaneers to take their time with the process of hiring Koetter.

2. The Glazers and Jason Licht do not want to scare away their top candidate. Everything I've seen has mentioned Dirk Koetter as a strong candidate, but nothing concrete has said that Koetter is the top candidate. Perhaps the Bucs didn't want the top candidate they are going after to think that they are also going behind that candidate's back and negotiating with Koetter. 

Honestly, it's anyone's guess, but option 2 makes more sense to me. I have no idea who this top candidate may be, or even if there is another top candidate, but if the Bucs were in fact going after another candidate, the last thing you want is a rumor that you're about to hire someone else. This is especially the case if the other candidate is a big name with an ego...as most top coaches have. If they're trying to convince a top name to come and coach their team, and news comes out that the Bucs are about to hire Dirk Koetter, that top name will tell them to shove it and stay put.

I love a good conspiracy, and since it remains very quiet around the Bucs, that's all fans are left to do. Keep coming up with your theories, but don't be disappointed if ultimately the Bucs end up with Dirk Koetter as their head coach because that is still very viable.

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