Todd Monken Wants Bucs to Have "Fun"

Todd Monken brings energy in his first press conference as Bucs' offensive coordinator.

Here are some of the things Monken said at his first press conference with the Bucs:

(On the importance of explosive plays in the offensive philosophy that he and Koetter believe in)

“I came down and visited here seven months ago, not thinking I was coming back and actually having my own office, but I came down here and visited. And Dirk and I spoke again about how you win. How do you win games? We went back to Southern Miss and talked about explosive plays, don’t turn it over, third-down conversions, touchdowns in the red zone and lost-yardage plays, don’t have them. It’s still true today – those are the ways you win. Yards are a part of it, [but] not the big part of it. If you take care of those five areas – well, explosive plays are a big part of it. It’s hard to drive it, and if you’re not explosive, you better be good on third downs so that you can continue drives. It’s all part of it. Bottom line is, how can you be explosive? There’s a number of ways. Getting [the ball] to explosive players. Throwing the ball down the field, which Jameis has shown he can do. It’s all of those things. I’ve always thought we don’t need more five-yard plays. Who needs more five-yard plays? How can we be explosive? That’s what the game’s about. People like big plays; I like big plays. So how do we not figure out ways to get explosive plays? That’s fun. That’s fun to me in football. Trick plays are fun. Now you’re going to get into that, about trick plays. I’m not here to talk about trick plays; I screwed it up when I brought that up, I apologize (laughter). What isn’t fun about explosive plays and throwing it down the field and guys making plays? I wish they’d go to more rules where the offense had an advantage, I really do. It’s much more fun that way (laughter).”


(On what has to happen to turn around a program’s culture)

“Draft, develop, free agency, coach better. It’s really just like that. It’s about having the talent first. Then, I like having fun. I don’t know why it has to feel like such drudgery – I just don’t. I’ve never understood that. I want a fight song. We don’t even have a fight, I don’t think. I want a fight song. Isn’t a fight song cool? You get to sing a fight song. Call me a college guy. When I was in Jacksonville, they called me a college guy. That’s great, I love it. I love coaching, the excitement of it. Why can’t it be fun? Watch the Carolina Panthers. They have fun. That looks like fun to me. I want to have fun. I want our quarterback to have fun. I want our guys to have fun doing it together. I want the locker room to be fun. Is that harder, a little bit, in a pro setting? Yes, because of the change. You have so many different pieces that change, you have to make that blend together and guys play for more than just themselves, which is difficult in a pro setting because of the money, as we know. But you can still make it work. There’s still got to be more than just the money. There’s got to be more than just that. The feeling of getting better and doing for your teammates and the excitement of getting better and doing it with some people you care about.”

(On wide receiver Mike Evans and how Monken plans to coach him regarding dropped passes)

“It’s repetition. That’s all it is, is repetition and putting yourself in those positions so that you look at – you know, it’s the routine. That’s all you do. And he’s a talented young man that I think is ascending and has everything in front of him as a player. I take that personally, and I hope he does. Where do you want to be? Where do you want to be in a week, two weeks, in a year, five years? What do you want out of this small opportunity that you have, that the good Lord has blessed you [with]. I just want to be a big part of it. But it’s all about routine. It’s a matter of – he has good ball skills, it’s not a matter of that. I don’t think anybody’s saying he doesn’t have good ball skills and the ability to compete for the ball. He wants to do it, he’s talented. I’ve talked to a lot of people about him that have coached him in college and here. I’m excited to get started and I take that personally. My job is to make sure he doesn’t drop the ball. That’s it.”

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