What Makes Doug Martin and Charles Sims so Special?

Doug Martin and Charles Sims put together an incredible season in 2015, but how were they able to do it?

Over the next few weeks, I will be breaking down each position on the Bucs roster. During this process, I will discuss who stays, who goes, top free agent targets that make sense, and players that fit the position in the draft.

Today, we focus on the Bucs' Running Backs.

Current Roster:


Under Contract

2016 Cap Number



Doug Martin




I said way back in late October that Doug Martin won’t be playing elsewhere in 2016, and I’m sticking to that. Martin will likely get a new contract, but if those talks break down, the Bucs can easily use their franchise tag.

Charles Sims

2016, 2017



Sims emerged in a big way his 2nd year in the NFL. He was an excellent complement to Martin, and personally, I can’t wait to see how much he progresses next year.

Bobby Rainey




Other than as a mediocre return man, Rainey didn’t offer much to the Bucs in 2015. If Martin or Sims get injured, I’m not sure the Bucs would have much confidence in Rainey. I think they look to upgrade over him.

Mike James




Yes, Mike James is still around. I’m not sure how impactful James can be, but he’ll at least have the preseason to prove his worth.

Top Free Agent Targets:

These are the most logical free agent targets that make sense for the Bucs' offense. These names can obviously change as teams try to resign their own free agents.

Matt Asiata - Minnesota Vikings
Asiata is a big back who catches surprisingly well. The Vikings have Adrian Peterson and Jerick McKinnon, so allowing Asiata to walk makes some sense. If Asiata's price tag is reasonable, he would be a nice target to come in and be insurance for both Doug Martin and Charles Sims.

Lance Dunbar - Dallas Cowboys
Dunbar was starting to show some nice potential for the Cowboys in 2015 before tearing his MCL/ACL on October 4th. Dunbar will likely be signing a 1-year deal this off-season. The Bucs may want a little more stability behind Martin/Sims, but, when healthy, Dunbar is an upgrade over Rainey.

Jacquizz Rodgers - Chicago Bears
I'm not big into playing the coach-player connection game. We all know how well that worked out with Greg Schiano (Rutgers) and Lovie Smith (Bears). With that said, Rodgers was productive in Dirk Koetter's offense with the Falcons in 2013 and 2014. Rodgers also has experience returning kickoffs.

Top Names to Remember for the Draft:

Late Round Names:
Aaron Green - TCU
DeAndre Washington - Texas Tech
Wendall Smallwood - West Virginia
DJ Foster - Arizona State

Other Positional Breakdowns:

Wide Receivers


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