Should the Bucs Finally Look to Trade Away Mike Glennon This Off-Season?

We know Jameis Winston is the man moving forward for the Bucs, but is this the year Mike Glennon SHOULD be shopped?

Over the next few weeks, I will be breaking down each position on the Bucs roster. During this process, I will discuss who stays, who goes, top free agent targets that make sense, and players that fit the position in the draft.

Today, we focus on the Bucs' Quarterbacks.

Current Roster:


Under Contract

2016 Cap Number



Jameis Winston

Thru 2019

$5.8 million


No comment needed, right?

Mike Glennon

Thru 2016

$1.8 million


I believe the Bucs should explore trading Glennon, and if they can get a 3rd round pick, pull the trigger on that trade. Ultimately, I think the Bucs will keep Glennon for 2016 before losing him to a team willing to give him a chance to start next off-season.

Ryan Griffin

Thru 2016



The Bucs pounced on Griffin when the Saints cut him loose. Griffin spent his first 3 years on the Saints active roster and their practice squad. The Bucs kept Griffin on their active roster all season for fear of losing him. If the Bucs like Griffin that much, perhaps Glennon will be expendable this off-season with Griffin the long-term backup to Winston.

Top Free Agent Targets:

Do I think the Bucs will sign a quarterback in free agency? No. With that said, there may be one name that may make at least a little sense to backup Jameis Winston long term.

Drew Stanton - Arizona Cardinals
With backup quarterbacks, I'm looking for experience, a true team player, and a player who will not be asked to win a game, but also asked to not lose a game. Stanton was the backup quarterback in Arizona while Bucs GM Jason Licht was in the front office. If Licht finds a a suitable trade partner who is willing to trade a legit draft pick for Mike Glennon, and the Bucs aren't sold on Ryan Griffin as the backup quarterback, Drew Stanton would be an excellent addition to help continue to groom Jameis Winston.

Top Names to Remember in the Draft:

The Bucs would only draft a quarterback with a late round selection (if at all) to be a candidate on the practice squad.

Late Round QBs:
Kevin Hogan - Stanford
Brandon Allen - Arkansas
Vernon Adams Jr. - Oregon
Cody Kessler - USC
Nate Sudfeld - Indiana

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