Hargreaves' Official Combine Size Should Concern Bucs

Can a small Vernon Hargreaves really be the Bucs answer to slowing down Julio Jones and Kelvin Benjamin twice a year?

Former Gators CB Vernon Hargreaves made his first appearance at the NFL combine on Saturday, and wasted no time in voicing the team he'd like to play for in the NFL.

Responding to reporters, Hargreaves said he loved seeing where recent mock drafts had him heading.

"I like seeing what other people think. I look at them. I like them, "Hargreaves said of mock drafts. "And I like it when they have me going back to the Bucs, going back to my hometown. All my boys always text me when they see it. It’s fun.’’

While Hargreaves himself may want a return trip to the Bay area, along with many other fans around Tampa, I'm here to tell you the Bucs should be very weary with selecting Hargreaves with a top 10 pick.

The Bucs have needs on defense, both in the secondary and along their defensive line. The NFC South is loaded on offense, which includes some of the biggest and most dynamic receivers in the NFL. When you draft a cornerback in the top 10, you're not just looking for him to be a starter or good, you need him to be a shut down elite corner. The issue with Hargreaves is that his physical limitations might not allow that to be his ceiling.

At the combine on Saturday, Hargreaves measured in at just 5'10'' with just 30" arms. There were already concerns that Hargreaves may end up measuring in smaller than most had hoped, and those concerns were realized with these official measurements.

I can't justify the Bucs taking a 5'10'' cornerback with a top 10 pick when they face both Julio Jones and Kelvin Benjamin twice a year. Of course, Benjamin has already faced Hargreaves once in college, Benjamin totaled 9 receptions for 212 yards and 3 touchdowns in that one meeting.

The top receiver in this year's NFL Draft, Laquon Treadwell, did not have any praise for Hargreaves either. When discussing the three corners he had the most difficult with in college, Treadwell admitted that the three corners were Alabama's Cyrus Jones, Mississippi State's Taveze Calhoun, and "the guy from Florida."

Treadwell made it clear, "not Vernon Hargreaves."

He was referring to the Gators other cornerback, Jalen Tabor, but the shot at Hargreaves was very well understood by anyone watching.

As for the Buccaneers, with needs at so many other positions on defense, including pass rush, drafting an undersized cornerback like Hargreaves when the top receivers in your division are young and extremely big, may not be the wisest move for the franchise moving forward.

We discussed Vernon Hargreaves' size concerns on our latest podcast. Listen below!

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