Wide Receivers Lead to a Dud Day at Combine

After back-to-back years of strong depth at receiver in the NFL Draft, this year's crop looks extremely average.

Saturday at the combine is always supposed to be the most exciting day. It's the day when quarterbacks and wide receivers take the field. Unfortunately, this year's Saturday at the combine turned into a big ole dud, which tells us some of the positions that took part.

The wide receivers did not offer much at all on Saturday. Despite some of the times of other participants, there may only be one legit burner (barring what Corey Coleman does) in this draft. Will Fuller ran a 4.33 40-yard dash, but he is a body catcher and has the reputation to drop passes.

Other than Fuller, and former track star Kolby Listenbee, there just isn't much explosion at wide receiver in this draft. Personally, I wasn't overly enthused about the receivers in this year's draft heading into Saturday's on-field workouts, and after the workouts were over, I was even less enthused.

The one receiver I fee could end up being the best of this class is Braxton Miller. He simply looks the part, is still very new and raw at the position, and has a big ceiling overhead. If Miller goes to the right situation, he'd be able to step in as a rookie as a number 2 or a slot receiver and propoerly develop at the position.

This may change over the next couple months, but don't be surprised if the 4 best WRs from this draft are Braxton Miller, Sterling Shepard (Oklahoma), Leonte Carroo (Rutgers), and Corey Coleman (Baylor). I also think Southern Miss WR Mike Thomas could be a nice sleeper, and should have been invited to the combine.

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