Winner and Losers of Combine from a Bucs Perspective

Who were the top winners and losers at the combine from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers' perspective?

The combine should never be the "end all be all" for any prospect. On the other hand, it does make scouts and front office personnel go back and watch extra film on the players who performed above and below expectations.

Here are my players who performed above and below my Bucs' expectations at the combine:


Robert Nkemdiche | DL | Ole Miss
The over-reaction to Nkemdiche is hilarious. He admits to "taking some plays off," and everyone freaks out. I bet the same people freaking out have never watched one of Corey Coleman's games. For as hated by the media as Nkemdiche is, I actually find it as a win that no one has reported that his interviews with teams were a failure. The only thing the media has reported on with him is that his press conference was bad. Give me a break. Plus, he didn't throw his teammate under the bus. Laremy Tunsil's name had already been linked to the incident, so stop it with that crap too. Nkemdiche is a top 3 natural talent in this draft. For comparison, he ran the same 40 as Joey Bosa, had a very similar broad jump as Bosa, and had better numbers than Bosa in the 10-yard split, vertical jump, and bench press, all while weighing 25 more pounds than Bosa. 

Emmanuel Ogbah | DE | Oklahoma State
Ogbah lit up the combine with amazing numbers, including a 4.62 40 time at 6'4'' 272 lbs. I'm not a big fan of Ogbah's film, and the more I watch, the less I like him. However, his combination of size and athleticism will force me to watch even more. The balance here is making sure he's not just a workout warrior and ensuring that his physical traits can be used consistently on the football field.

William Jackson III | CB | Houston
I definitely want to watch more of Jackson. He has ideal size, athleticism, and speed, and they were all on display. I know a lot of fans and media have made the smaller Vernon Hargreaves the darling of this draft, but Jackson might end up being discussed more with Hargreaves than in the 2nd round discussion, where he's been.

Braxton Miller | WR | Ohio State
I was so bored watching the combine on Saturday. The wide receivers and tight ends in this class are so blah. With that said, I am a fan of Braxton Miller. Braxton Miller had good numbers all the way around. He is raw as a receiver, but may have more potential than any other receiver in this draft.

Jalen Ramsey | CB/S | FSU
I mean, did Ramsey perform "above" expectations? My expectations were already sky high. With that said, he needed to be mentioned here. Oh, and no, I don't think the Bucs will get a chance to draft him.

Jason Spriggs | OT | Indiana
Spriggs is tough, physical, strong, and athletic, and it was all on display at the combine. He also had a strong week at the senior bowl. I think he ends up as a mid-late 1st round pick.

Leonard Floyd | EDGE | Georgia
Floyd put up the numbers Noah Spence was supposed to put up. Floyd ran a 4.60 40-yard dash, had a 1.60 10-yard split, had a 40" vertical, and measured in at 6'5" 244 lbs and 33" arms. Need to watch more film and see if these traits translate to the field, but perhaps we're talking more about Floyd as an option for the Bucs 9th pick as we get closer to the draft.


Noah Spence | EDGE | Eastern Kentucky
Spence didn't have a flat-out bad day, but he was well below expectations. He is an excellent pass rusher on film, but his testing numbers weren't elite. I think Spence represents a lot of the defensive ends at the combine here. While DT is a very deep position, defensive ends and edge rushers aren't near as deep as people were saying before. Oh, and factor in the report from the NFL network that Spence's team interviews were "very shaky."

All Other Wide Receivers
Perhaps, we are all spoiled after the classes of wide receivers we'’ve had over the past 2 years, but this year's crop is very mediocre. There is literally no explosion and playmaking ability other than Notre Dame's Will Fuller. Oh, only problem is that Fuller tends to drop passes more often than not. This is not a good year to need a receiver.

Vernon Hargreaves | CB | Florida
Oh boy, this is going to get people pissed off at me, but hear me out. Hargreaves can be a great cover corner, but he will have limitations. He's been projected by many as a top 10 pick. For me, a top 10 pick better be a big time talent and impact player for years to come. The thing holding Hargreaves back just enough is his lack of size. He measured in at 5'10'' and has just 30" arms. Perhaps there was a reason that both Kelvin Benjamin and Amari Cooper put up over 200 yards and 3 touchdowns EACH when facing the Gators over the last couple years. I think Hargreaves is a much better mid-teens pick than a top 10 pick. I also know that Gator fans are so desperate to get one of their guys on the Bucs after a Seminole became the Bucs savior last year.

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