Making the Case for the Bucs: Corey Coleman

In our new series, we "make the case" for the Bucs to consider different prospects in the NFL Draft.

This will be a new series for us here at During the next month and a half, we will "make the case" for many candidates to be under consideration by the Bucs. No, we don't think the Bucs will draft each of these players. This is just our form of pointing out what makes each prospect stand out, and where the concern may lie.

We start this series with a player who had his pro day on Wednesday. After not running his forty at the combine, Baylor's Corey Coleman was on display Wednesday, and he rose to the occassion. Coleman ran a blazing 4.37 coming off sports hernia surgery.

Proving the elite speed that he possesses, Coleman now has a legit argument for any team looking for a receiver. Ignore the inflated statistics Coleman put up in Baylor's offense. He is a well put together receiver with elite speed and the ability to make people miss in the open field. He's a big play waiting to happen, either down the field or with yards after a catch on a screen or slant. 

As for the Bucs, a big play threat is lacking on offense. I think the Bucs have 2 good running backs, 2 big possession receivers, a talented young offensive line, and one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. The Bucs lack speed and the threat of big plays on offense. We have heard the rhetoric that last year's 5th round selection in Kenny Bell could be a shining light this year. There have been others who have tried to make Louis Murphy seem much more relevant than he actually is. The Bucs need an upgrade of speed on offense, and would it really hurt to provide your young quarterback with another legitimate weapon?

I know, defense should be the Bucs' main priority, and I think it will be. That does not mean the Bucs should reach on another position if they feel a player like Coleman could take their offense one step closer to becoming elite. Jason Licht realizes the process, and that process consists of mainly getting the best players to make his team feared. I also believe Jason Licht understands the value of giving his prized quarterback the tools to be successful. They are building a young offensive line to grow with Winston, and I also believe the mistake they made in 2015 by needing to rely on so many undrafted free agents near the tail end of the season.

I don't know if Coleman is worth a top 10 pick. Is he worth trading down for? Will he slip to the 2nd round? I do know that he should be high up on the Bucs draft board and given heavy consideration by the Bucs. They need speed. They need somebody to make big plays on offense. They need to continue surrounding Jameis Winston with potential playmakers. 

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