Training Camp Update - Bucs Release Riley

Three hundred and fifteen pound defensive tackle Bernard Riley was released by the Buccaneers Tuesday. It's hard to tell if the rookie from the University of Southern California was a victim of the team's great depth at the position or his slow transition to the next level.

Usually a team doesn't make cuts until the NFL mandated time to do so comes around but coach Jon Gruden doesn't want any dead weight around during camp, certainly not 315 pounds of it.

Derrick Brooks is expected to return to the gridiron today after spending the last few days with his sick mother in Pensacola. The heartbeat of the best defense in the league will make his return Wednesday morning after not making the trip to Japan for the team's first pre-season game. Speaking of defense Ronde Barber is being held out of the afternoon practices and is progressively working his way back after undergoing successful surgery on his knee. Coach Jon Gruden has stressed that he will work Ronde back slowly but is "excited" to have him back on the field.

Extra Points: I have been a huge fan of the acquisition of Thomas Jones. I can't stress enough how sharp he has looked in practice. I have heard some Buccaneer fans saying that Jones wasn't productive in Arizona also adding that he was a huge bust there. One question: can you name one player who was productive with the Cardinals?

Let's not be hasty and forget all three players (in my mind) in the last five years that have made their mark in Arizona like Aeneas Williams, Larry Centers and maybe even David Boston. Jones will continue to impress and he should earn just as much playing time as Michael Pittman if not win the starting position outright.

When Simeon Rice first came to the Bucs he talked about a different mentality that he found contagious in Tampa, he phrased it an "expecting to win" attitude. Surround yourself with greatness and character and it rubs off on you. The Bucs won't be tied for 31st in the league this year in rushing touchdowns if Thomas gets the ball. I am not saying that Jones will be great but he has that kind of potential and now he is finally in an environment that he can thrive in.

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