Bucs GM Jason Licht addressed the possibility of NFL teams looking into Mike Glennon

Jason Licht confirms that he has received interest in Mike Glennon, but will he trade his backup quarterback?

Hello Broncos.  Shalom Jets. Hola Browns.

Bucs GM Jason Licht confirmed today that the Bucs are drawing trade interest for QB Mike Glennon. He also denies that he was asking for a first round pick for Glennon.

"That's not true," Licht said. "I mean, I tell them what I think he's worth. I tell that to teams. I say, 'this is what we might consider.' But that's not necessarily true. ... It's false that I've been calling every team saying I need a first (round pick). I haven't been calling every team. Even with those that have inquired, it's been 'Let's keep talking.' It hasn't been, 'we need this.'"

What does “drawing interest” actually mean? Does that mean John Elway shot Licht a text message in the middle of watching Von Miller rehearse for Dancing with the Stars?  I think “drawing interest” means that all general managers are doing their job this time of year. Making calls and checking in on any player they feel is intriguing or cheap.

The possibility of dealing Mike Glennon is exciting news for fans this time of the year, but I do not think it will happen.  Although, there seems to be a shortage of decent starting quarterbacks in the league, I don’t believe a team would part with what the Bucs would be looking for. If you could receive a premium draft pick for Glennon, that would be glorious.

I sure hope Rams GM Les Snead made a call to Licht. He just named Case Keenum his starting QB today. Yikes. Snead needs to schedule a pool party with Licht ASAP and get the talks going.

The best bet is to let Glennon walk after this season and collect a compensatory draft pick. Or, if a big time starter goes down with an injury when the season starts the Bucs could cash in on their desperation by parting with Glennon. Then, the Bucs can sign Josh Freeman as their back up and all will be right with the world, but only if he dresses like Michael Jackson again.

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