Koetter Critical of Mike Evans' Preparation

Dirk Koetter offers some criticism of Mike Evans.

Dirk Koetter had a lot to say this morning about the state of your Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I like how vocal Koetter is and how he isn't scared to call somebody out. In this case it was Mike Evans, talking about his work habits and preparation.


When Koetter first took over as head coach, he made a comment that there will be a plan for Mike Evans' body. It seems Evans might just be a young kid who is enjoying himself and hasn't learned how to be a pro yet when it comes to nutrition. Koetter was back at it again on Wednesday with comments about work habits and preparation. I believe he sees how good Evans can become and he wants him to get there.

We will see how Evans will respond to his new head coach's criticism, and see if there is any improvement in these areas. If I was Evans, I would be training with Jameis. Winston is working his damn ass off. 


Koetter also commented on how he wants Mike and Jameis to improve their chemistry with each other. There were plenty of missed chances last year between the two and they need get better. Evans should be a TD machine just like how Kelvin Benjamin was for Jameis at Florida State. I really do hope the Bucs find a WR whether in the draft or if it is Kenny Bell, that can take the top off for offense and open up more opportunities for Evans. 

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