Nkemdiche Set to Visit Bucs

Perhaps the most polarizing player in this draft, Robert Nkemdiche, is set to visit the Bucs.

Robert Nkemdiche might be the biggest wildcard in this year's draft. No NFL Draft analyst knows quite where to put Nkemdiche in mock drafts. While starting out as a sure-fire early 1st round pick, Nkemdiche started to fall in mock drafts to the latter portion on round 1, and now he's somewhere in round 2. How did this happen?

On Monday, Nkemdiche, along with all of his Ole Miss teammates, participated in the Ole Miss pro day. By all accounts, Nkemdiche performed well, yet questions still linger about his character. 

During a press conference following his pro day, Nkemdiche gave a brilliant answer when asked to say why teams should draft him with "all your off-field stuff."

"Just to look at me as a person, and to look at my past (separately)," Nkemdiche said. "There aren't any issues, plural, that I've had. There's an issue. There are things that surround people, and then there are things that can just happen. It's up to teams believing in me and trusting me."

Nkemdiche is right. This was one incident in December that has clouded the minds of anyone outside the NFL trying to evaluate him. The timing was everything for Nkemdiche and this incident, and because it happened so close to draft time, he is now paying the consequences.

Teams must do their own due diligence on Nkemdiche to make sure that this was in fact an isolated incident. The Bucs will be one of those teams.


What we know is that Nkemdiche's natural talent is worthy of a top 10 pick. What we don't know is where the rest of his package as a player lands him in the NFL draft.

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