Derrick Brooks is in Jameis Winston's Corner

Derrick Brooks Has Solid Advice for Jameis Winston

Having a Buccaneers legend like Derrick Brooks looking out for you can be a wonderful thing. While there has been a lot of talk this off-season about backup QB Mike Glennon, James Winston has managed to stay out of the headlines...and that's great news for Bucs fans! Obviously, the lion's share of the credit goes to James himself, but a little credit must go to Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks. Did you know that Jameis and Derrick speak at least once a week? I just found out that out myself when Derrick was a guest on The Drew Garabo Live Show (heard on 102.5 The Bone) this week.  Garabo asked Brooks what he expects out of Winston during  his sophomore campaign:


“Just progress one day at a time. When Jameis and I talk weekly that’s about it. We go through the process of growing everyday, not rushing the process but staying patient and appreciating it.”


Spoken like a true professional who's been there before. How much would a regular person have to pay to have Derrick Brooks be a friend/life coach to them? Jameis is getting invaluable advice from one of the most respected people ever to be associated with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


Brooks elaborated further on what else he feels is a key to Jameis' growth:


“Now you have to go through an offseason. You’ve never been through an offseason as a NFL player and that comes with some growing pains. I’m just trying to encourage him.  Get 1% better each day.”


Brooks is proud of Jameis, though. He told Garabo:


“You give a lot of credit to Jameis and the team around him everyday. I’m not around him on an everyday basis. I’m proud of his growth. And he would tell you this if he was talking to you. But he’s not going to start patting himself on the back. He’s going to continue to try and get better.”


After a promising rookie season, and a (thankfully) drama-free offseason, James Winston is poised to continue growing as a leader, person, and football player. Once again, the future looks bright for Bucs fans.  ?

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