You Will Either Be Pleasntly Surprised on Draft Day or a Tad Salty

How Will You Feel After The Bucs Make Their Draft Picks? A Look Back On Draft Tweets From 2015.

With the ninth pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select...The Savior!

Or not.

All we know is...well, nothing. But that doesn't stop We, The Fans from immediately spouting off anyway, like a muffin-topped Nostradamus in a super-snug Alstott jersey. 

My favorite thing about Twitter is the knee-jerk reaction to topics we all think we're experts on. It takes us forever to make up our minds in the Publix sub line but we'll nail whether a gridiron newb is a future bust at Canton or, well, just a bust within seconds of the pick being announced.

That’s what makes the NFL Draft and Twitter so mesmerizing. We have no trouble convincing ourselves every guy our team selects is the Absolute Truth. To illustrate, I went back one year on Twitter to look for reaction to the Bucs 2015 draft picks.  

@Wh0urdaddy was pleased with the picks that were made, and who doesn’t enjoy when @Wh0urdaddy is excited??? 

Michael loved Ali Marpet so back off! He's gonna go get a footlong Italian to celebrate! 

I love the positivity Tiger Lily. I don't need a Mel Kiper or Mike Mayock draft grade when I have Tiger Lily!

Now, to the negative side of immediate reaction which will be more entertaining for sure. 

So far so good, Craig! I’m keeping my eye on your tweets to see if you retract this one in a couple years. How many troubles can you fit into a pocket anyway? What about that really small one on your jeans? Those can hold your mini troubles. 

Brandt wasn’t feeling the Kenny Bell pick.  Kenny should get a chance to show 
@Brantdermody he was worthy of being “another WR” drafted by Tampa Bay.

Babs! Don’t be that way. Why must things be like this?  You need to be more like Tiger Lily. 

I always was under the impression that it takes about 3 years to find out if a draft pick has what it takes or if he’s tossed into the bust pile -- although I once thought Trent Richardson was the next Adrian Peterson.

Time will tell to see who is right and who’s wrong on the Twitter jury. It’s all entertaining, so keep the tweets coming on draft day. Social media gives a voice to everyone, even @Wh0urdaddy. And I’ll leave you with my favorite tweet from 2012: 
Hey, it could be worse. At least he didn’t want the Bucs to grab Justin Blackmon or Brandon Weeden. 

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