Jameis Winston and Mike Evans Building Chemistry

Jameis Winston and Mike Evans work on chemistry.

The Buccaneers reported for the first time at One Buc Place yesterday, and Dirk Koetter had a bunch to say in his press conference. Koetter emphasized the importance of Jameis Winston and Mike Evans getting on the same page and building chemistry together:

“Jameis and Mike are the right kind of guys," Dirk Koetter said as off-season workouts began this week. "They’re not blind to the amount of talent that those two guys have. The better that those two guys play and the better those two guys execute, the better off our football team is going to be. They’re not blind to that. So even though, statistically speaking, both of those guys had pretty decent seasons last year, the bottom line is still wins in the NFL. And for us to win, Jameis and Mike have to become a more lethal combination and I’m quite confident that they will.”

The two Bucs offensive stars seem to have heard the message. They have been working "off-campus" on routes and building that chemistry. Mike Evans needs to be to Winston what he was to Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M. Any time Manziel was in trouble, Evans was always there to be on the same page, and Evans would constantly bail him out on wild throws for huge yardage. 

The Bucs duo of Winston and Evans have been spending time off the field together also. Hanging out at each other's houses, playing video games, watching Warriors games. I hope all the time off the field pays off on the field because it would be great for Bucs fans to see on the field.

“Well, I’m not really good at video games, so I know Mike – he whoops me all the time, especially in [NBA] 2K – he loves playing that," Winston said. "I’m not really a basketball guy, so I try to stay away from that.”

When you hear about the all-time great QB-WR duos, one really comes to mind. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. There are stories about them throwing routes after practices, in the dark, and it got to the point where Marvin didn't even need to be able to see the ball to know it was going to hit him in the hands at a certain point of the route.

Let's hope Jameis Winston and Mike Evans go down as one of these amazing duos.All I do know is that a Corey Coleman, Sterling Shepard, or Braxton Miller sure could make things easier for them.

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