Can Bucs Bring Swagger Back to Tampa?

The Bucs look to bring some swagger back to the organization.

As the new Buccaneers new regime takes over, there has been lots of talk on how this team wants to model itself after the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers play hard-nosed football on offense and defense, and most of all, they play with swagger. The Panthers pride themselves in being an intimidating force, something you probably haven't seen with the Bucs since the Warren Sapp days.

The first step in this transformation was drafting Jameis Winston, instead of the quiet Marcus Mariota. Winston is a guy who knows how to play with swag. He is a fiery leader with pre-game speeches.

Another huge step was firing Lovie Smith and replacing him with Dirk Koetter. Lovie was known for his no swearing rules, almost wanting the locker room to be church-like. The assumption is that Dirk Koetter will allow the lockerroom to be a lockerroom again.

If the Bucs want to be like the Panthers, you must have the type of players on your team that exude said swagger. Right now, a few players on the Bucs check that swagger list- Jameis Winston, Kwon Alexander, Mike Evans, Brent Grimes, Johnthan Banks, and that's about it.

In this years draft there are definitely players that bring their fair share of swag. A few names that fall within this category include: Jalen Ramsey, Robert Nkemdiche, Noah Spence, Jalen Mills, VH3, Vonn Bell, Karl Joseph, Corey Coleman, Cyrus Jones, Braxton Miller, Jordan Payton, and Kenny Clark.

Let's bring the winning back to Tampa Bay, and let's do it with swag. The future is bright and full of swagger.

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