Jameis Is Already Taking Major Strides Well Before The Season Has Started

Jameis Winston Is Already Impressing His New Head Coach

Work work work work work work work work work. Have you heard that song by Rihanna? Me either,  but I've seen memes about it. Apparently, that’s what Jameis Winston has not only heard it, but took the words to heart.  I would expect nothing less from the team leader heading into his sophomore campaign.  Dirk Koetter was asked to weigh in on Jameis’ physique this week:


“When you see Jameis for the first time you’ll be able tell looking at his body that he’s put in work.” Thankfully, Coach Koetter refrained from singing Rihanna after making this statement. 


Hopefully, Jameis has the sculpted bod of a chiseled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure. Not that we need our quarterbacks to look like John Cena, but we definitely don’t need our franchise QB to look like Jared Lorenzen. 


Starved for football news and action, we will hang onto every quote we hear from a player or coach this time of year. Still, I would expect nothing less than to hear these comments from the head coach about his star signal caller. Koetter further elaborated on what Jameis has done to take care of himeself this winter:


“I’ve said it before, when Jameis had the opportunity to go to the Pro Bowl and be around Russell Wilson, Julio Jones, Eli Manning and some other guys, that made an impression on Jameis that he needed to get his body in better condition for the offseason. He’s done that. He’s taken steps on his own to do that, not only with some people he worked with outside of our building, but working with our own strength coach, Dave Kennedy. Jameis  is very perceptive about not only what he needs to get better, but what our offense and what our team needs to get better.”


I will say despite Coach Koetter’s claims about Jameis’ improved frame I did have a small debate break out on my twitter about it. Twitter is where grown men with questionable physiques of their own challenge the way professional athletes look.




Yikes. Jameis was visited by HOV himself today (Jay-Z for all you country fans) at One Buc and apparently Luis didn’t like what he saw in the picture.




Yes! Great questions! What is your qb gonna do with no mass?? Why is the Black Eyed Peas song “My Humps” in my head now??




Are we done tearing up this man’s figure yet? If Dirk is cool with how Jameis looks, that is all that matters. And where is Beyonce when all this is going on? She would make any man or woman look like they need to go on a 60 day juice cleanse. 

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