Rams-Titans Trade Great News for Bucs

The Rams and Titans made a blockbuster trade on Thursday that could have ripple effects down to the Bucs pick in the 1st round.

This is why you take the franchise quarterback when you're in position to draft a franchise quarterback.

On Thursday, the Titans and Rams announced a massive trade that would send multiple 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks this year and next year to the Titans for the Rams to move up to the top pick in this year's draft. The safe assumption is that the Rams will finally be drafting a quarterback to go with their solid roster.

This ripple effect should trickle all the way down to the Bucs pick at 9. this is fantastic news for the Bucs, who already have their franchise quarterback. 

In my opinion, there are 6 elite non-QB prospects in this year's draft:

Jalen Ramsey - CB/S
DeForest Buckner - DL
Laremy Tunsil - OT
Ronnie Stanley - OT
Joey Bosa - DE
Myles Jack - LB

This means that if the Bucs are going to have a chance to draft one of these elite non-QB prospects, they need at least 2 QBs and Ezekiel Elliot to go ahead of them. The Rams trade may start the snowball effect. The Browns, Chargers, Cowboys, 49ers, and Eagles could all be looking to take a quarterback. Both the Cowboys and Eagles may be looking at Ezekiel Elliot as well.


Of course, there is always the possibility that a team after the Browns panics and reaches for Paxton Lynch...49ers?

From a Bucs' perspective, I think the two most likely non-QBs to fall might be Joey Bosa or Ronnie Stanley. Bosa might actually have the best odds to fall due to him being limited to a 4-3 scheme as a defensive end. Only 2 teams right now play a 4-3 in front of the Bucs...the Cowboys and Eagles. Both of these teams also have numerous needs elsewhere.

If somehow Bosa were to fall to the Bucs pick at 9, the Bucs should turn the card in, select the player, be glad they addressed their biggest need, and start thinking about a trade back up into the late 1st round for another player to fill a big need on their team.

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