Best Players and Need Intersect

Jason Licht warns that defense may not be a 100% lock for the Bucs 1st round pick.

Bucs GM Jason Licht explains that the Bucs have many needs to address. The goal is to pick players where best available and need intersect.

Jason Licht is a very good General Manager. Striking gold in last years draft with the grand slam of Jameis Winston, Donovan Smith, Ali Marpet, and Kwon Alexander. Licht is finally the top dog with Lovie Smith gone, has full control, and I am very excited to see what he plans to do with this organization moving forward.

Held back by Lovie Smith's Tampa 2, I refuse to blame Licht for the first two years of his Bucs' tenure. I know they really missed on big free agent signings, but I give him a pass as those free agents seemed to be Lovie Smith's hand picked selections. We will see how this years crop of Ayers, Grimes, and Sweezy play out.

My real question for Licht is when is he going to make his "defining" trade as the Buccaneers general manager. When is he going to pull of a trade sending a 2nd round pick and a bust of a Offensive Lineman for a superstar like Chandler Jones, like his old buddy, Steve Keim, in the Cardinals front office did. Licht has been under guys like Bill Belichick, Steve Keim, Andy Reid, and these guys have always been winners.

Jason Licht, I'm ready for you to make your move. Make a trade that changes the path of this organization. Whether it's Mike Glennon or a draft pick, acquire good talent, and do it fast. The Glazers have a short leash and the fans want to win again.

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