Bucs Make the Case: Trading Up for Ramsey vs. Staying Put

Luke Easterling makes the case to trade up for Jalen Ramsey, while Justin Pawlowski makes the case to keep as many top picks as possible.

Other than Vernon Hargreaves, Bucs fans have been buzzing about Jalen Ramsey all off-season. The former teammate of Jameis Winston and leader of the Seminoles defense, Ramsey is an athletic playmaker in any defensive backfield he's a part of.

In this version of "make the case," we debate whether or not we'd trade up for FSU CB/S Jalen Ramsey or keep as many early picks as possible.

The Case to Trade Up for Jalen Ramsey - Luke Easterling
Before you freak out about the Bucs giving up a ransom like the Rams just did to jump up to the top pick, I’m only advocating this if Ramsey makes it to say, Dallas at the No. 4 overall pick. If that happens, I would consider seeing what it would cost to move up and target Ramsey, a dynamic and versatile defender who is my top overall prospect in the entire draft. Tampa Bay desperately needs a top-flight safety, and could even use help at corner, and Ramsey instantly brings both. His instincts and athleticism would allow him to make a huge impact right away, no matter where he lines up. He could disrupt opposing offenses from the nickel corner spot (visions of a more athletic Ronde Barber dancing in my head), or be the ballhawk on the backend the Bucs have been missing. Also, trading up for anything other than a quarterback typically costs much less (see Oakland trading up from No. 12 to No. 3 for just a 2nd-round pick in 2013). If the price is right, Ramsey is the kind of special player who could single-handedly change the fortunes of the Tampa Bay defense.

The Case to Stay Put - Justin Pawlowski
Let's face the facts here, the only way the Bucs move up to draft Jalen Ramsey is if their 2nd round pick is involved. In all likelihood, it will probably be much more than that. Trading up in the top 10 is a very pricey way to go about building a young team. Just two years ago, the Bills moved from the 9th pick to the 4th pick by giving up their next year's 1st and 4th round selections. I love Ramsey as a player and a leader, but the Buccaneers are not prepared to start giving away 1st round selections. I also do not believe this is something Jason Licht won't even consider. Licht has done a remarkable job over his first two drafts with the organization after nearly a decade of horrendous drafts. Licht seems to fully understand the draft process with a tremendously successful draft last year. I love Ramsey, but I also like the possibility of multiple starters, which this team needs.

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