Make the Case: Drafting a Kicker

Justin Pawlowski and Luke Easterling debate whether the Bucs should take a shot at drafting FSU kicker Roberto Aguayo in the middle rounds.

There aren't many kickers coming out of college deemed worthy enough for any selection in an NFL Draft. We all remember Sebastian Janikowski going in the 1st round a long time ago to the Raiders. Once upon a time, the Bucs selected Martin Gramatica in the 3rd round of a draft.

This year, a special kicker in Roberto Aguayo will be selected by some team in the middle rounds. Will the Bucs be that team? We make the case...

Don't Draft a Kicker - Luke Easterling
I get it. Roberto Aguayo is a rare talent. He’s really, really good. But he’s still a kicker. Yes, they impact the game more than most people give them credit for, but you can also find effective kickers without spending a premium draft pick on one, even if he’s “special”. Given the Bucs’ recent issues at the position, I don’t fault fans for considering spending a mid-round pick to address the situation, but taking Aguayo over a potential future starter at any number of the positions the Bucs need help? I just don’t see the value. Tampa Bay proved they can get incredible value even into the fourth round last year (Kwon Alexander), and they need to focus on finding those types of players in that range again this year. If Aguayo is still there when the Bucs have two picks in the sixth round, go for it. Otherwise, let some other team take him way too early.

Draft Aguayo in the 4th Round - Justin Pawlowski
Luke said it. Aguayo's a rare talent. I don't care what position it is, if I tell you you can select a player that will be a main contributor to your team for the next 12 years in the 4th round, you take that player. An elite kicker changes field position, kills opposing team's momentum, and extends your own team's momentum. An elite kicker is a clutch kicker who embraces crunch time, the spotlight, and game winning kicks. I have seen Aguayo kick in person, and the ball explodes off his foot in a much different and more electric way than I have seen before. Guys like Kwon Alexander just don't get drafted in the 4th round every year. The Bucs selected Akeem Spence and Will Gholston 4 years ago, and while both of these players are decent depth players, neither is an impact player. Before that, how about names like Mike Williams, Kyle Moore, Dre Moore, Tanard Jackson, among others you've forgotten as 4th round picks of the Bucs. Give me the guy I know will be a mega impact player for years to come.

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