Could Vernon Hargreaves Face a Big Fall on Draft Day?

Vernon Hargreaves may be facing a big fall come draft day.

Have you taken a look around the mock draft world the past couple weeks? Less and less of these mock drafts have the Bucs taking Vernon Hargreaves, after most of them all agreed Hargeaves would be the pick of the Bucs.

So, what's happening with Vernon Hargreaves? Are the Bucs cooling on him? Were they ever even hot on him?

On ESPN's "First Draft" podcast, Mel Kiper explained that Hargreaves could be in line for quite the fall on draft night.

"The tumbler is Vernon Hargreaves," Kiper said. "I don't know where he's going to go right now. People, now, are talking about the lack of length. We've talked about everything about him during these podcasts over the last month. He could drop into the late 1st round, and I don't know if he even gets past there and into the early 2nd round."

While Hargreaves is a very good football player, his limitations in size when compared to other cornerbacks in this class, could hold him back. Hargreaves struggled against bigger receivers like Kelvin Benjamin and Amari Cooper in college, who just went right over him for touchdown catches in their matchups. For Hargreaves, most NFL receivers are going to be much bigger than his height and arm length can defend consistently.

"I could see 4 corners going before Vernon Hargreaves, possibly, with William Jackson III, (Xavian) Howard, (Artie) Burns, so Vernon Hargreaves may have to wait a while to hear his name called," Kiper said.

Todd McShay echoed Kiper's sentiments as well.

"Vernon Hargreaves is one of the names that you're starting to hear fall," McShay said. "To me, it makes sense. He may just be a nickel corner. he's a good player, but there's a lack of elite size, elite speed, elite length that's concerning, so he may fall a bit."

Nobody truly knows anything until Thursday night, but one thing we definitely know is that 6'5'' is much bigger than 5'10'', and that's the issue here with a potential top 10 player.

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