Making Hargreaves Better By Improving Pass Rush

It's time for the Bucs to address their pass rush on day 2 of the draft.

The Bucs selection of Vernon Hargreaves was a predictable one in the end. All those mock drafts were right. Also, the Bucs' praise of both Alterraun Verner and Johnthan Banks as players getting fresh starts was just a bunch of hot air. In the end, it was Hargreaves who Jason Licht and the Bucs thought would become a playmaker in the secondary of their new defense.

So, will Hargreaves be successful? 

I think there are many factors going against Hargreaves off the bat. First and foremost, you can't ignore Hargreaves' lack of size. At 5'10'' and just 30" arms, the Bucs can't expect Hargreaves to be a shutdown corner when facing the likes of Kelvin Benjamin, Julio Jones, and other big receivers across the NFL. The Bucs need to get creative and use Hargreaves athleticism and aggressiveness all over the field.

The most important factor stacked against Hargreaves is the amount of time he'll be asked to cover receivers as a member of the Bucs' secondary. The Bucs' pass rush has been a joke for close to a decade now. Yeah, it's been that long since a defensive lineman last recorded 10 sacks in a season. As shown with the most successful teams in the NFL, an elite pass rush can win you championships.

I'm sure the Bucs and Bucs fans are thrilled with the pick of Hargreaves. That's how the draft works. No matter what you said or felt before the pick was made, after your team takes a player, it's natural to talk yourself into loving the pick. I already have with Hargreaves, and I'm sure you have too. We all want Hargreaves to become an impact player, but what is the best way that could happen? The answer is quite simple.

If the Bucs are interested in making sure their first round pick has success in the NFL, it is the responsibility of the organization to help him out on day 2 of the draft. The good news for the Buccaneers is that many of the top defensive linemen in this draft have dropped to the 2nd round, and defensive tackle might be the deepest it's ever been in the modern draft era. Whether it's Noah Spence, A'Shawn Robinson, Chris Jones, Andrew Billings, Jonathan Bullard, or any of the other supremely talented defensive linemen, the Bucs need to come away with 2 that will impact their defensive line, and preferably on Friday night!

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