Another 4 Starters Drafted By Bucs

After an unbelievably effective draft in 2015 with 4 key starters drafted in the first 4 rounds, Jason Licht might have found another 4 starters in the 2016.

The Buccaneers might not have had the 1st overall pick this year to select their franchise quarterback like they did a year ago, but that didn't stop Jason Licht from drafting another crop of new Buccaneers that could yield another 4 rookie starters.

There may be a couple names that could be obvious choices as starters, I believe there could be a surprise as well.

Here are the Bucs rookies I believe will be starters in 2016:

Vernon Hargreaves | CB | 1st Round
When you have a poor record with a poor defense, and an even worse secondary, drafting a cornerback with a top 15 pick means that player is a sure-fire starter from the moment he walks into the building for the first time. Despite the lack of size both Brent Grimes and Hargreaves possess at just 5'10", both will be your starters at cornerback when the Buccaneers open the 2016 regular season, barring injury of course. Hargreaves brings aggressiveness, attitude, and playmaking ability to the Bucs defense.

Roberto Aguayo | K | 2nd Round
This is another no brainer. You don't spend a 2nd round pick on a kicker to let him sit. What am I saying? That's ridiculous to even say. Aguayo is your kicker. You can either accept it or bitch until you can't cheer for him to fail anymore. As for me, I hope he's as good as he was in college. I've seen him kick in person, and there is something special about him compared to any other kicker I've seen in person. A great kicker can be a big time game changer.

Ryan Smith | S | 4th Round
You probably thought you'd see Noah Spence here, but I actually believe he'll start his NFL career as a situational pass rusher before being asked to be an every-down player. As for Smith, I know the Bucs were very fond of him during the pre-draft process. Smith might be a small-school prospect, but he possesses big time talent and potential. As Drew Forest points out here, Smith has the speed and playmaking ability to be a centerfield type safety in the Bucs new defense. He is also aggressive and tough enough to come up and assist in run support. The Bucs could go with mediocre veterans like Chris Conte, Major Wright, or Bradley McDougald, but I feel Smith brings a different type of playmaking ability that the Bucs brass won't want to keep off the field.

Dan Vitale | FB | 6th Round
The Bucs needed a fullback, so they drafted Vitale in the 6th round. They were locked in on Vitale throughout the entire draft process. Vitale can contribute as a blocker and as a receiver in the pass game. Unless the Bucs find another option between now and training camp, Vitale will be the Bucs starting fullback in 2016.

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