Mike Evans Maturing with Emotions

Vincent Jackson says that Mike Evans is maturing when it comes to his emotions.

There were many things that frustrated me about the Bucs in 2015. Most of those items revolved around Lovie Smith, but one in particular made me sick every single time.

Most Bucs fans focused on the lack of hands 2nd year receiver Mike Evans showed last season. For me, nothing made me more nauseous that the immaturity Evans showed on a consistent basis in 2015.

I think you could make the case that there might not have been another receiver in the NFL last season that complained to the referees as much as Evans did. It was to the point where, if I was a referee, he'd never have a call go his way. I mean, how could baby actions and antics that Evans would show on a play-by-play basis not be construed as consistently belittling the referees on the field?

In addition, I have taken aim at Vincent Jackson for not being a better mentor as well. Not that it was solely Jackson's responsibility to get Evans to stop acting like a baby on the field, but as a leader, Jackson needed to slap some sense into Evans.

Well, maybe times are changing.

"Obviously we all know that everybody keeps talking about the emotions and everything else like that, but he just seems to continue to mature," Jackson said about Evans recently. "He’s already come out here and seemed more like a leader, leading drills, talking to younger guys and that’s exciting to see – a guy going into his third year – to have that kind of maturity and that transition so soon.” 

This was encouraging for me to hear come out of Jackson's mouth. As for Evans, the way he was speaking to the media sounded more mature, but he pretty much only spoke about Jameis Winston, so nothing on his own 2015 antics. 

Let's get one thing straight, I'm a huge Mike Evans fan. Just because he acted like a baby in 2016 does not mean I've lost my faith in him. If he has indeed matured, I think you will see a hell of a wide receiver dominate the NFL starting in 2016. I do believe the drops were mainly due to Evans' mentality and immaturity in 2015, which could mean we're in for a totally different receiver in 2016 and beyond.

Oh, and this is great news for Jameis Winston!

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