High Expectations for Jameis Winston in 2016

Expectations will be high for Jameis Winston in his 2nd NFL season.

Maybe I'm biased, but I didn't think Jameis Winston got near the publicity he deserved for what turned out to be a stellar rookie season. I'm not sure what people were expecting from Winston as a rookie, but even the untrained eye of a fan would recognize that what Jameis Winston did as a rookie was far superior to most rookie quarterbacks over the last 20 years.

Last year is done, so what now. Are we staring a sophomore slump right in the face? Anything is possible, but it doesn't seem probably with Winston.

Jameis has stayed in Tampa this off-season. He convinced Mike Evans and others to stay with him. Multiple players have talked about Winston's early wake up calls and exits from the Bucs' facility, both in the dark. 

Oh, and if I hear about his physique again, I might just puke. I mean, great, he's losing weight. Josh Freeman lost a bunch of weight too. The difference between the two is that Jameis Winston is losing weight to perform better off the field. It's my assumption that Freeman's weight loss was to perform better off the field.

Jamie Dukes and David Carr discussed Jameis Winston's expectations for 2016 in this video on the NFL Network.

"You hear about offensive coordinators holding back the playbook, Koetter's not going to do that," NFL analyst Jamie Dukes said. "There's still more in the playbook, and I think this year, you're going to get a little bit more playbook because he survived everything he was supposed to his rookie season."

No one truly knows if Koetter's hands were tied because Lovie Smith actually had "Bucs Fever," but Lovie's gone as is any other infections like "Bucs Fever" or MRSA. What if Koetter feels he can open his playbook up even more? Oh, and what if Jameis Winston does what he has always done and excel with more on his plate?

We, as Bucs fans, have never experienced this. We've never had a quarterback to call our own with the expectations and potential Jameis Winston has. The national media will catch up and glorify him one day. As for now, I'm prepared to sit back and fully enjoy the movie-like script that could potentially play out with the remainder of Winston's career. Gerald McCoy may even get his wish because this should be fun.

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