Vegas Visitor Drops $9000 on Bucs to Win the Super Bowl

A $9000 bet was placed in Las Vegas on Thursday for the Buccaneers to win Super Bowl 51.

How committed are you to the Buccaneers?

Are they really your favorite team?

Will you put your money where your mouth is?

Well, some Bucs fan has done just that on Thursday, or it was just some gambling degenerate.

Listen, I get it, betting is cool. Hell, betting is fun. Betting can also be incredibly stupid. I mean, I love my Tampa teams, but especially the Buccaneers, and even I'm not dumb enough to slap down 9 grand on the Bucs to win the Super Bowl.

Surprise team? I'd say yes.

Playoff contender? Possibly.

Playoff birth? You're pushing it.

Super Bowl appearance? Ok, stop.

Super Bowl Champion? Legally insane.

Let's focus on the positive. Let's say the unthinkable happens and the Bucs win the Super Bowl. As I jump into pools fully clothed, then drive up and down Dale Mabry honking my horn, only to end up downing numerous tequila shots to end the night, I'll not forget this post. I will not forget this bet. I will not forget how lucky this person ended up being.

I'm not going to bet on the Bucs winning the Super Bowl, but you bet your ass I'll be hoping for it!

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