Bucs Players Showing Belief

Robert Ayers talks about the amazing atmosphere during Bucs OTAs.

At OTAs, Bucs defensive end Robert Ayers talked to reporters about the mentalities of himself and the rest of the team in regards to the approaching NFL season.
"It's real energetic man, and a lot of things are really contagious," Ayers said. "Winning's contagious, losing's contagious, and having a positive attitude is contagious."
The collective mentality of the Buccaneers is starting to change, with locker room leaders like Jameis Winston and new players like Ayers helping lead the movement. The team is more hungry to win than ever, as more talent is acquired by management and current players on the roster become more and more cohesive together.
"You can have a lot of guys that are negative, and they can bring the room down, but here, I haven't seen one guy that's like that," Ayers said. "It's rubbing off on me, and rubbing off on all the new guys."
With the long offseason grind well underway, high-energy OTAs show the sheer level of desire that the Bucs possess for having a successful season this year. Even players like Brent Grimes, who according to Ayers is normally a quieter personality have really begun to come out and show lots of exuberance in practice. It's clear that the Buccaneers' win-now state of mind is helping fuel animated OTAs, which should excite fans for the upcoming season.
"The atmosphere is really contagious here," Ayers said. "The expectations are high, and we're trying to win. Everybody here's trying to win."

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