Reports of Cowboys Offer for Bucs Backup Quarterback Mike Glennon are False

Report says that the Cowboys have a standing trade offer for Mike Glennon, but those reports are false.

I'm seriously trying to figure out if Bucs general manager Jason Licht is brilliant, greedy, or just plain stubborn. Perhaps the correct answer is "yes," or there is no answer because there simply is no news.

According to 247 Sports' insider Luke Rodgers, the Cowboys have a standing offer on the table to trade for Bucs' backup quarterback Mike Glennon. Rodgers also says that this offer was initially on the table before the this past NFL draft for the Cowboys 2016 and 2017 3rd round picks

UPDATE: The Cowboys never offered two 3rd round picks for Glennon, nor have they ever inquired about him according to our sources.

Listen, Romo is old and Dak Prescott is, well, Dak Prescott. The Cowboys need help at quarterback after missing out on their top quarterback targets during the draft. However, for the Cowboys, they have yet to to show interest in the backup quarterback. All talk and rumors of the Cowboys alleged interest in Glennon has been simply

Please spare me the "Glennon's a great insurance policy" talk. I'm very well-versed in the world of insurance. Insurance is something that protects and provides benefit when something serious occurs. I think Glennon can run an offense, but he's never proven he can be a "benefit" to an offense. Hell, he's never proven he can win games consistently. The unknown is what is most attractive about Glennon across the league. Hopefully, the Bucs can capitalize on that unknown about Glennon before possibly being forced to play Glennon and realizing that the unknown was rather dull the entire time. 

I want the Bucs to start winning again, and yes, I want it to be soon, but we all need to look at the big picture here. If Glennon needs to spot fill in for Jameis Winston to keep the Bucs afloat during the 2016 season, it still won't be enough for a deep playoff or Super Bowl run. If Glennon is forced to see extended playing time in 2016, the season is over for the Bucs anyways. A draft pick or picks help the Bucs in a far bigger way for 2017 and beyond than Glennon could ever help the Bucs in 2016.

The question is whether Mike Glennon's value is much bigger in the media and among fans than it is behind closed doors at NFL facilities. If the latter is true, there may never be a legit option to even consider trading Glennon.

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