Koetter: Winning Electrifies the Fans

Dirk Koetter talks about the Bucs' job in winning back the fans.

It's no secret that the Buccaneers have driven fans away over the last decade. The losing combined with poor customer service will do that. 

The organization has tried to do what it can off the field to gain back the fans' trust. They have improved customer service, "upgraded" their concession stands (meh), and now will have high definition video boards for the first time ever inside their very stadium. That's all nice, but it's not enough.

“Well, any town you’re in, if you’re team is winning, you’re going to be doing fine," Koetter said of fan excitement. "There’s an electricity in any city when your team is winning. Just look at what was going on in this city with the Lightning and it’s plain to see. We know we have great fans in this town. It’s our job to do our part and get some Ws.”

This town is a football town. It has been and always will be. If you thought fan excitement was big for the Lightning during their Stanley Cup playoff runs, wait until you see what happens to this city once the Bucs start winning again. Now the only question is, when will that happen?

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