Time for Buccaneers to Dump Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Austin Seferian-Jenkins gets thrown out of practice by Dirk Koetter, but now it's time for Jason Licht to toss him off the team.

I have been one of the few to support Austin Seferian-Jenkins during the struggles of his first couple of seasons in the NFL. For that, I'm sorry. Never did I think I was supporting such a horrible human being until his true colors shined on Thursday.

By now, you've all heard the story of the Bucs future star tight end being kicked out of practice during the off-season because "he didn't know what he was doing," 

Let that last quote by the Buccaneers head coach sink in. The Bucs 2nd round pick from 3 drafts ago entering his 3rd NFL season and the 2nd season in the SAME offense "didn't know what he was doing?" I mean, W...T...F!?!?!

Ok, fine, so he's dumb lazy slow still learning the offense. That's what the off-season is for, right? It was Seferian-Jenkins' actions after he left the field that has dug himself too big a hole to ever work himself out of again.

Seferian-Jenkins did what any hard working American should do when frustrated; run to twitter and tweet yo mama jokes! Mission accomplished for him, I guess.



Of course, one guy's wife wasn't left out.  Unfortunately, I can't post that tweet due to the language used. 

If "yo mama" jokes aren't your style, how about the old, "meet me in the schoolyard after class" tough guy act?


"Yo mama" jokes and the "elementary school tough guy act" not good enough for you? Would it make you mad that Seferian-Jenkins wasn't just a no-show for a charity event for children with cancer put on by my good friends Drew Garabo and Seth Kushner of 102.5 The Bone, but he also showed zero remorse about it at all.


What team is Seferian-Jenkins on? You won't find that on his twitter profile either because that information was deleted.

Here's the deal, I said the Buccaneers' and general manager Jason Licht's main priority this off-season had to be to rid the organization of losers. I think it's clearly obvious that Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a loser, who cares solely about himself and not of his teammates or the team's success. Who celebrates a meaningless touchdown when down 42-7 by high-stepping into the endzone?

Seferian-Jenkins is not, and has not, been the Bucs' starting tight end for quite some time. He's not the 2nd or 3rd string tight end either. For me, he's already an after-thought. It's ok. Jason Licht has hit on some key draft picks recently. You can't bat 1.000 in the NFL draft. It's impossible. What's worse than missing on a draft pick is not cutting your losses with a draft pick when it's clearly evident that pick will never fulfill the potential you had for him when you drafted him. Jason Licht should know this because he talked about what defines a "bust" before this year's draft.

“Ninety percent of busts, in my opinion, are because of something above the neck," Licht said prior to this year's NFL Draft. "All those things that you just said: work ethic, passion for fooitball, interests that aren’t good for a football player, bad teammate – those types of things. That’s where most of the busts come from. You need to make sure that you’re hitting on the player, but then you’re also hitting on the person.”

USA Today
This was well-said by Licht before this year's draft, and exemplifies the issues swirling around Austin Seferian-Jenkins. I'm not buying that he's just an immature guy either. Seferian-Jenkins' true colors were on display for all of twitter to see. For about 10 HOURS on Thursday, Seferian-Jenkins was firing off tweets about mamas, wives, threatening fans, and making light of skipping an event for children with cancer. He might try and delete those tweets, but don't worry, I took screenshots of ALL of them. 

Jason Licht always said that there's a difference between bad people and people who do dumb things. If Seferian-Jenkins posts one of these tweets or two of these tweets in the heat of the moment, that's one thing. To do it for 10 straight hours makes me believe Seferian-Jenkins is just simply a bad guy whose true colors were finally revealed.

Seferian-Jenkins has only been on the field for half the games that have been played since he's been drafted. In those games, he just wasn't very good. Now factor in that he doesn't know the freaking playbook and attacks his own team's fans on twitter, and you've got yourselves a wasted draft pick.

Trade him, cut him, whatever, just don't allow that cancer to continue to bring down a special thing building up within the walls of One Buc Place. 

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Here is the podcast we did on Austin Seferian-Jenkins a few weeks ago:


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