Koetter's Brought Accountability Back to Bucs

Under Lovie Smith, the Buccaneers had lost accountability within the walls of One Buc Place. That accountability has been brought back with new head coach Dirk Koetter.

Dirk Koetter's implementation of new standards for the team was in full effect this week when he sent home tight end Austin Seferian Jenkins in the middle of practice. Koetter remained tight-lipped in his session with the media about any circumstances surrounding his asking him to leave, but it appeared to be the result of Seferian Jenkins not knowing what he was supposed to be doing on a certain play.
"“He didn’t know what he was doing or something like that," Koetter said of kicking Seferian-Jenkins out of practice. 
This is just an example of the accountability Dirk Koetter is bringing to the table as head coach for the Buccaneers. It's no secret that the Bucs were one of the most penalized teams last year, and some new standards are going to have to be set if that culture is to be reversed. 
Sending Seferian Jenkins home not only sent a message to him as a player, but it showed the rest of the team that there isn't any more time for fundamental mistakes on the field. The Bucs are trying to win this season, with their rebuilding phase nearing completion, the dumb penalties and infractions have got to stop. 
We should hopefully see a new Buccaneers team in 2016 that is much more disciplined, because penalties can be drastically reduced by a coaching change (see: the Florida Gators football team during the Will Muschamp era versus after the Will Muschamp era). Making a squad of players more of a disciplined, cohesive group is one of the best aspects a new coach can bring to the table.
Koetter has a very low tolerance for stupid mistakes that can add up to hundreds of squandered yards per season, and by doing stuff like asking players who can't seem to figure out what to do to leave is holding everyone in the organization more accountable. There's no more excuses for anyone at this point. Do your job or leave and let someone else do it for you.

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