Koetter Downplays Bucs Lack of Height at Cornerback

Dirk Koetter talks about the lack of height the Bucs currently have at cornerback.

The Bucs signed Brent Grimes, and he's short. The Bucs drafted Vernon Hargreaves, and he's just as short. Alterraun Verner was already on the roster, and he might be shorter than both of them.

So, what's the deal with height at cornerback? Is it a big deal?

Personally, I think it could be. A lack of height might not be the end all be all, but in a division loaded with receivers over 6'3'' in height, having a group of cornerbacks struggling to hit 5'10'' might not be the best approach.

"I mean, you can’t complain about your players, they’re the ones you got," Koetter said when asked of a lack of height at cornerback. "Those guys aren’t going to grow. There’s plenty of research both ways about the size in corners. There’s some misnomers out there and then there’s just as many corners that are 5’10” that have been successful as corners that are 6’4”, so the guys are who they are. We’re happy with our guys and we’re going to keep working with them.”

The Buccaneers biggest corner, Johnthan Banks, is also entering a crucial year...a contract year. Can the Bucs former 2nd round pick get his career heading back in the right direction after Lovie Smith tried to derail it? The only time we'll get a true answer to this question is once training camp and preseason games get here. For the Bucs sake, they need Banks to be reliable because he might be the only corner on the roster that can match up physically with Julio Jones, Kelvin Benjamin, Larry Fitzgerald, and other physically gifted receivers the Bucs will match up against in 2016.

Is height important for a cornerback? Well, taking a look at the receivers the Bucs will face in 2016, height was important for the position those corners go up against. Hopefully, the total disregard of height at corner does not come back to be the Bucs' Achilles heal in 2016.

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