Austin Seferian-Jenkins Talks About the Standard Within the Buccaneers Organization

Austin Seferian-Jenkins apologizes to fans and discusses the standard set within One Buc Place, but is it enough?

In the wake of last week’s embarrassing half-day rant from Buc’s TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, he addressed his actions to the media at One Buc Place. Speaking to reporters at Tuesday’s mini-camp practice, ASJ reverted back to his easy-going and self-assured demeanor that the media, therefore the public are used to seeing.

While being surrounded by local and national reporters, ASJ was asked about being dismissed from practice last Thursday.

"We have a certain standard here at One Buc that needs to be upheld and I didn't uphold my end of the bargain. I was asked to leave and I left and it completely falls on my shoulders for not being prepared to do what I needed to be doing,“ Seferian-Jenkins said. “It's a learning process and I'm ready today and I'm excited to get back to work and put this behind me because it's not what's important. I'm ready to get to work and I'm ready to hold up the standard I'm capable of, what you expect of me, what the fans expect of me, what the coaches expect of me and what my teammates expect of me. What happened was not okay and it won't happen again.”

ASJ expressed that although he believes he has had a good offseason, at the end of the day he did not show up prepared to go to work and do what is expected of him.

“I was asked to leave, like I said before, and Coach Koetter was 100 percent right in doing what he was doing, and I stand right behind my coach and what he did. It's tough. You love the game, and unfortunately I was not prepared. I'm going to be prepared, I'm prepared and I won't let it happen again," Seferian-Jenkins said.

According to both Head Coach Dirk Koetter and ASJ, they are on solid terms. “He doesn’t have to explain it. I told you guys on Thursday, you’re making too big of a deal about it. What happened, happened, and he said what he said and we’re practicing again. That’s that,” Koetter said.

Selected in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft out of the University of Washington, ASJ has been a puzzling player to figure out. Struggling through injuries, inconsistent play, and now the social media frenzy, which included threatening a Tampa Bay Firefighter, signs are pointing to a lack of mental focus at this level.

Wrapping up the questions at practice, ASJ addressed the fans and his Twitter tirade. "At the end of the day, it was a lapse of judgment. Obviously, it was not a good day. Like I said, I got sent off the field, I was frustrated and I took it out. I took it out on the fans and that's not fair to them at all, because all they want is a winner, all they want is for me to be successful and all they want me to be is great. So they're just pushing me to be great and I need to respect that. For any of the fans I offended, I'm sorry. I can't wait to get to work and be the best tight end I can be for you guys, so you can support me," Seferian-Jenkins said.

Despite today’s apology and reassurances on his commitment, is it just time to cut ties with Seferian-Jenkins at this point? 

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