Bucs Defense Mixing it Up on Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston impressed with Bucs' new defense.

Jameis Winston is pleased with the Buccaneers' new defense, and playing against it in practice is mutually beneficial for both him and the unit itself. 
"One thing that quarterbacks always discuss in practice is that it's different," Winston said. "We saw more of a standard look (on defense) last year and now they're mixing everything up. It makes us better."
By being shown new and unfamiliar coverages, Winston's level of acclimation with taking snaps at the professional level is constantly getting higher. As the team works to find looks that will be as disruptive as possible for opposing quarterbacks, offensive Buccaneers players will be able to sharpen their skills on the field as well by seeing these different shifts in practice. 
With a new DC and some major changes in the defensive portion of the roster, the Bucs are hoping that their moves on paper will have a significant effect in escalating the defense's efficiency. Working out some of these new schemes should make the team's players more well-rounded on both sides of the ball, and tip coaches off on what works and what doesn't in terms of play calling.
Football Outsiders had the Bucs defense at 26th in the league last year against the pass, which likely was a big factor in GM Jason Licht's initiation of the offseason overhaul. Many of the defensive collapses Bucs fans witnessed last year came against subpar signal callers such as Case Keenum and Kirk Cousins, to make matters worse. After some major changes though, Winston is able to visibly distinguish a difference between last year's unit and this year's.
"It's good that we see all these different looks," Winston said. "Hopefully, we'll see them confuse a lot of other quarterbacks."

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