Jameis Winston a Fan of the No Huddle Offense

.The no-huddle offense excites Jameis Winston, but are we really supposed to believe it will be a major part of the Bucs offense in 2016?

Look, it's the same thing every year. We enter June, and as media members, we scramble to find something to write and/or talk about. Last year, it was the emergence of TJ Fatinikun. Yikes. This year, it looks like that story revolves around the no-huddle offense.

Maybe we are all naive to it. Maybe we're numb to it. Hell, maybe we're just starved for football news. Has anyone noticed that anytime the offensive struggles have been brought up with the Bucs over the past 15 years during the off-season, the first response is that they might run more no-huddle offense? I mean...sheesh! (intentional sheesh)

“Any time you can create rhythm and repetition of the same stuff its good and it works, so I like no huddle. Everyone likes no huddle," Jameis Winston said following one of the last practices of the off-season.

I get it. Of course a quarterback is going to like the no-huddle. What's not to like? In the no-huddle offense, the quarterback has much more control and there's just more passing plays that come with it. However, you might want to think about your defensive unit, likely sucking wind in the Florida heat on your sideline.

“We practice no huddle every day," Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said. "If you’re out here – when you’re out here you can see we have a certain no huddle period where we go no huddle the whole period and then we’re mixing no huddle in every other single period. It’s great just for the communication part of it, even when we don’t use it for the tempo part. It’s making our defense play defense against no huddle as well, which we’ll see plenty of during the season, so I feel like our whole team is getting better in communicating in the no huddle.”

I do not think you're going to see a fast-paced Oregon-style offense being run in Tampa this season. Honestly, I don't even think you'll see the no-huddle offense be a major part of the Bucs' offensive scheme on a week-to-week basis. I think it's good to have when you need it. It's also good to get your defenders rest when they need it with a patient running attack and leaning on a physical offensive line.

I get it. It's late June. Writers need something to write about. Football fans need something to sink their teeth into for the next month. Well, stop with the over-hyped assumptions and subscribe to the "Off the Edge" Podcast on iTunes and Podcast Addict!

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