Jameis Winston's Weight Loss Big Gain for Bucs Offense

Jameis Winston has been focused on a lot, but his dedication to his weight loss could be his biggest attribute this upcoming season.

It's no secret that Bucs QB Jameis Winston has shredded up a bit this offseason, dropping some body fat and turning many heads in the process. 
By making some dietary adjustments and going through rigorous conditioning cycles with a personal trainer, Winston was able to lose 18 pounds this offseason, per Fox Sports. 
The weight loss acts as a testament to Winston's admirable work ethic and constant desire for improvement across all aspects of his training, as he seeks to elevate his level of play this season. Winston was seen as being a non-mobile pocket passer for the most part entering the 2015 draft, but he shook off this perception by rushing for six touchdowns and 213 yards in his rookie season. Now that he's significantly lighter, we may see an agiler version of the FSU product do even more with his legs in 2016.
Winston's increased agility will mostly help him in situations where he is flushed out of the pocket, and if he has truly become a faster quarterback, we may see Bucs offensive coordinator Todd Monken exploit this new trait in his play calling repertoire. An increase in bootlegs and waggles could be in store for the Bucs offense this season behind the influence of a leaner Jameis under center, which will give opposing teams yet another aspect of his game to account for when strategizing. 
Winston obviously excels in the pocket, and weighing less may also give him advantages in sack evasion and juking out defenders, upon its eventual collapse.
While still currently weighing enough to be able to take some solid shots from NFL defensive tackles without risking serious injury (225-230 lbs), Winston's personal commitment to cutting fat will more than likely make him a faster player overall, which is never a bad thing. However, above any superior traits that his weight loss may eventually grant him on the field, it's important to yet again take notice of what an excellent example this is of Jameis' sturdy work ethic. His dedication to getting healthier only further proves that he'll do anything to put the team in the best position possible for winning come game time, and that demands respect.

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