Hargreaves’ Commitment to His Training

Hard work is something Vernon Hargreaves has been accustomed to for a very long time.

Before breaking for the prolonged hiatus until the beginning of training camp beginning Saturday, July 30th, rookie first round draft pick CB Vernon Hargreaves fielded media questions. One in particular referred to what Hargreaves needed to do before training camp.

“You have to stay in shape, you have to stay in that football shape, and you have to stay hydrated. You know, taking care of your body. That’s the biggest thing, taking care of your body because that’s what’s going to get you through those 17 weeks,” Hargreaves said.

Fans and media personalities have not held back on their concern for Hargreaves’ height, even as he continued to make plays during mini-camp. Going back to high school, his commitment of staying ahead of the competition has never been questioned.

On a personal note, during the summer of 2014, I was doing my internship for my Sport Business degree from Saint Leo University. The location I found was a high intensity strength and conditioning gym. Impact Fitness, which is located in the New Tampa area of town, has been Hargreaves’ lab where he has kept his skills polished since his high school days.

Every time Hargreaves returned home from Gainesville, he relentlessly trained on a daily basis, both in the weight room and agility drills, fine tuning his footwork. It is no surprise that he has been praised for his exceptional footwork.

During spring break last season, Hargreaves returned home to Tampa bringing several of his teammates from Florida. Instead of going out and partying like so many other college students, this young man was in the gym every morning at 6 a.m. to stay ahead of his competition.

Getting a chance to ask Hargreaves’ personal strength and conditioning coach at Impact Fitness, co-owner Denny Locascio, the praise for his client was remarkable.

“V3 needs to continue to be V3...stay consistent, stay strong, stay flexible & conditioned. Vernon knows the drill; he has been on top of his performance game with us at Impact from high school to college and now pro.  He is one of those guys that can't sit still, he always wants to work,” Locascio said.

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