Hargreaves Showing Comfort in Bucs Defense

Vernon Hargreaves is very comfortable in Bucs defense.

Vernon Hargreaves is proving to be everything the Buccaneers thought he would be, at least from what he's been showing in practice. 
"If [the ball] comes my way, I gotta be ready," Hargreaves said. "And for the most part, I've been ready this minicamp."
Hargreaves' growing comfortability is the biggest positive in terms of his fit inside Mike Smith's defense. His high level of talent as a cornerback was already well documented before the Bucs drafted him, so the cohesiveness aspect between him and his teammates is most important. 
"I'm fairly comfortable, not all the way yet but it's new. New position, new techniques I need to learn," Hargreaves said. "It's a learning process, but I'm enjoying it."
Some bumps and hiccups are to be expected with any rookie at any position that is trying to get acclimated to the professional level, and Hargreaves seems to be learning at a rapid pace. From his words, it's clear that he doesn't just want to be a player that applies suffocating coverage to wide receivers, but one that creates turnovers in the form of strip sacks, interceptions and forced fumbles as well.
"The closer you are to the ball, the more times you can touch the ball," he said.
In college, Hargreaves was known especially for his remarkable ball hawking skills, made even more impressive by his lack of giftedness in the height department. His increasing confidence, coupled with an insatiable desire to get as comfortable as possible in his new role will help him a lot down the stretch.

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