3 Questions Bucs' Fans Should Ask Themselves

With a month until the beginning of training camp, here are 3 questions Bucs fans should ponder over the next month.

1. Will Enhancements to Raymond James Stadium Still Be Impressive in the Middle of the Day?
I guess, if you sit in the new revamped club level, they will. Yes, high definition enters Raymond James Stadium for the first time...ever, but with the team's recent struggles on the field, there's also a reluctance to have the Bucs hosting in prime time. I do believe the new video boards will be impressive, even in the middle of the day, but their true glory will be seen at night. The Bucs will have one chance to show off their new toy at night on Thursday night November 3rd. For comparison, the USF Bulls already have 3 of their 7 home games scheduled for night games, and more could be on the way. If you want to see the upgrades to Raymond James Stadium at their peak performance, you might want to grab some tickets to a USF game this season.

2. Did the Bucs Finally Hire the Right Guy?
It's been a revolving door at the worst position within a sports franchise a team could have a revolving door at. Yes, the Glazers have been impatient, but they have also continuously hired the wrong guy. I mean, no one really though Raheem Morris was the answer, right? Greg Schiano was a complete waste of time from the moment he was hired. Hell, the Glazers had the right for firing Lovie Smith since he flat stole money from them. I'm on record saying that this is the most professional and energized I've seen a Bucs off-season since Gruden was head coach. I have no idea if the Koetter experiment will work out, but this is the most hopeful I've been for a head coach leading the Bucs since Jon Gruden was manning the Bucs' sidelines, and that's a good thing.

3. Who Steps Up as the Big Voice to Pair with Jameis Winston?
First reaction by many reading this question will probably be to name Gerald McCoy. That's cute. Vaughn McClure, who covers the Falcons for ESPN, recently hinted that Gerald McCoy might not work hard enough to truly be great. “I know [McCoy] had some issues with the scheme, but I also heard from reliable sources that McCoy didn’t always work his hardest.” Not sure if this is true or not, but McCoy has had plenty of chances to take a strangle hold of the franchise, and he just hasn't done it. I believe Jameis will have help on the defensive side of the ball though, in the form of a young player and a veteran. Kwon Alexander showed during his rookie campaign that the defense will be his soon. Robert Ayers will also be a significant addition when it comes to the mentality of the Bucs defense and attitude they show. Look for both Ayers and Alexander to the big voices to pair with Jameis Winston.

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