Top 3 Unexpected Stars for Bucs in 2016

The Bucs may have a few unsuspected stars for the 2016 season. Here are 3 names that could play a big role this season.

As the 2016 season approaches, there are three Bucs players in particular worth looking out for who can make unexpected positive impacts for the team. In no particular order:
1. Robert Ayers, Defensive End
Ayers may turn out to be the diamond in the rough the Bucs have been looking for at DE. Ends William Gholston and George Johnson have already been solid players for Tampa in the past, and Ayers' explosiveness provides an underrated boost to the defensive line that should improve the play of everyone around him. Ayers' ability to generate pass rush is crucial to the success of the defense in 2016, and his unselfish but win-hungry style of play has potential to make the line an absolute wrecking crew against opposing offensive lines this coming season.
2. J.R. Sweezy, Left Guard
The Bucs offensive line steadily improved last season with the drafting of Ali Marpet and Donovan Smith, and picking up Sweezy in free agency should round out a unit fully capable of protecting QB Jameis Winston in 2016. Sweezy is a multi-dimensional guard who is versatile, yet rock solid, and he was an integral piece of a championship-winning offensive line in Seattle. The experience he brings to the table is huge for the Bucs, who are trying to load up their roster with seasoned talent and new prospects alike. Sweezy could be an unsung hero for Tampa Bay in 2016 if he's able to maintain the same level of play he showed during his time in Seattle.
3. Charles Sims, Running Back
Sims has been a monster of a second-string back for the Buccaneers since he was drafted in 2014. In the case of an injury to starting RB Doug Martin, Sims will undoubtedly have some large shoes to fill, but he has proven to be more than capable of gaining huge chunks of yardage while breaking tackles. Sims' duality as a pass catcher also adds to his dynamic player portfolio, and he is able to adequately block on pass plays as an added bonus. Good offenses are demonstrated by depth, and Sims has proven to be an imperative cog in the Bucs' points-scoring machine whenever his name's been called thus far. Don't be surprised if he excels yet again this season.

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