Le Batard: Tough to Muzzle an Employees' Wife

Dan Le Batard weighs in on the tension building between the Bucs and Miko Grimes.

On his Tuesday radio show, ESPN's Dan Le Batard discussed with his guests the nature of Miko Grimes' recent anti-Semitic tweets and how the Glazers should go about dealing with the situation. Le Batard seemed to think that there were other problems to be taken into consideration lying at the crux of the issue at hand: her offensive comments.
"This becomes complicated. I can disagree with Miko Grimes' behavior and also not be okay with the owners of that team telling an employees' wife how to behave on social media because we start crossing lines there," Le Batard said, courtesy of ESPN. "So, I don't know how to handle this if I'm the owner of the team, and I'm not sure how I would receive that if I'm Brent Grimes."
The situation is certainly a tough one to handle, and Le Batard makes a good point in saying that the owners don't write checks to Miko, but rather, her husband. However, they knew there was at least a small amount of risk in signing Grimes due to the problems his prior team, the Miami Dolphins, had to deal with concerning his wife's social media tendencies. This is not a good start for the Bucs in terms of their relationship with Grimes' wife.
Keeping players' social media accounts in check has become a necessary thing in 2016 for teams to do, as the players represent something more than themselves upon being hired by a franchise. With that being said, when people closely affiliated with players start to say things that are out of line via the digital world, things can get a bit dicey. I'm with Le Batard on this one, in that an option out there exists where one can disagree with Miko's tweets and still recognize that she isn't employed by the Bucs, she can't really be policed by them on the Internet. All in all, there's definitely a tough tackle for the Glazers to make here.

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