Cosell Giving Love to Jameis/Koetter Marriage

Greg Cosell believes the marriage between Jameis Winston and Dirk Koetter will be a good one for a long time.

In a recent podcast presented by MIDDAY 180 in Tennessee, Greg Cosell, the Executive Producer of NFL Matchup and Senior Producer of NFL Films for 36 years, joined the hosts and breaks down the NFC South. Cosell analyzes the Buccaneers’ last season performance, free agency, and the anticipation for the upcoming training camps. The breakdown of Jameis Winston is both interesting and encouraging for Bucs' fans. (The segment regarding the Bucs starts at the 17:35 mark of the show).

"I thought that Jameis Winston really improved as the year progressed," NFL Film's Greg Cosell said. "He’s a calm player, he’s a poised player, he was an aware player. I think he was very aware of what his limitations were, and what he needs to work on. And it was very evident on tape that his lower body needed a lot of work. I can tell you for a fact that’s something they worked on a ton in the off-season, because there were times last year where he dropped back, and they have drills for pocket movement, and he would fall down. So now, not only has he lost weight, but he’s been able to work on his footwork and balance, and I think that will make him a better quarterback this year."

Cosell’s opinion on the progressive development of Winston throughout the 2015 season should reassure Buc’s fans that this team made the right choice. His balance in the pocket was sometimes off balance and awkward. If you watched his pro day workout at Florida State on the NFL Network, Daniel Jeremiah was critical of Winston’s balance issues on pocket movement drills. Cosell’s evaluation of that concern being worked on heavily bodes well for Winston and the Bucs.

"Winston is not a 'quick twitch' kid, no matter how much he works," Cosell said. "He’s more of a five-seven step quarterback who throws the balls to the intermediate and deeper levels. That’s his game, and I think that’s Dirk Koetter’s offense. So I think it’s a very good match with Dirk Koetter and Jameis Winston."

Last season, Jameis Winston definitely showed his comfortable development in Koetter’s system. Yes, he did make some good passes on quick slants, digs, and out routes, but finding the medium to deep crossing routes, and deep passes outside the numbers match up with Cosell’s analysis. According to Cosell, it’s realistic to say Winston should be the franchise quarterback the Bucs have been seeking. 

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