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Bucs head coach Jon Gruden talks about new kicker Rob Bironas, the upcoming game against the Rams and a Buccaneers flag flown in Iraq.

(Opening comments) 
"Kenyatta Walker did not practice today. I think his status for the game is questionable at best right now. He still has some soreness in there. Cornell Green did return to practice. I think his status is questionable, also. We did work Kerry Jenkins in there at right tackle a little bit today. Mitch White, Dan Goodspeed, Cornell Green — We'll see how the health of our team is here in the next 24 hours in terms of who plays when. We signed a kicker, Rob Bironas, a former kicker at Georgia Southern. He kicked a little bit in the Arena Football League and was in the Packers' camp. He'll help us with some kick-offs." 

(On the health of the Bucs) 
"We'll examine the health of our team here overnight, and tomorrow morning sometime we'll try to determine who exactly starts and who plays for how long. It will be dependent on the availability of Cornell Green and Kenyatta Walker." 

(On if the Bucs cut anyone after adding K Rob Bironas) 
"No. We have a couple guys that are on the injury list. I believe we had room to get this thing done without having to do that." 

(On Bironas' duties in Monday's game at St. Louis) 
"We're going to look at him as a guy to help us in kick-offs, and we'll see. We think Ralf (Kleinmann) will handle the placement kicks, but we just met him (Bironas) today so he'll get some snaps with our battery and we'll make that determination also by the time we kick-off." 

(On if it feels good to be back in Tampa) 
"Yeah, it does. It feels very good to get back here. We have to get ourselves re-acclimated on a one-a-day schedule. We are very eager to continue our progress and see where we can go." 

(On how today's practice went) 
"We had a very good practice for the most part. There are four or five guys that need to pick it up quickly, but all in all the effort was good and we did get some real good full-speed work done today." 

(On what U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Manny Herrera, who flew a Buccaneers flag on his tank in Iraq during the conflict, told him when he presented him with a flag) 
"He said that he was overseas and had a Buc flag on top of his tank. They hit some adversity over there, and when his mom saw that flag on the tank, she recognized it and realized that her son was OK. He gave that to us as a token of his love and appreciation for Tampa Bay Buccaneer football, and it meant a lot to us. We'll put that up in our facility here. We can use something like that as inspiration around here."

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