Cosell: Bucs Should be Concerned with Secondary

Greg Cosell said recently that the Bucs' lack of height at corner will be a concern against the bigger receivers in their division.

The Bucs' lack of height at cornerback has been well-documented this off-season. As we near the start of training camp, that concern continues to grow as the Bucs will face some of the biggest receivers in the NFL, who reside in their own division. NFL Films' Greg Cosell was asked about this concern recently on Midday 180 in Tennessee.

“Because no matter how good these corners are, you know I like Hargreaves coming out of Florida, but no matter how small these corners are, at the end of the day, contested catches are a big thing in the NFL," Cosell said. "So, big receivers can beat small corners, even when small corners have them well covered and blanketed. And that’s just the way it is in the NFL. Now, quarterbacks have to make those throws because the receiver might not look open. But you know a Cam Newton will make those throws. Drew Brees will make those throws, and Matt Ryan will make those throws. So they have to match up against some very big, really good receivers in this division. They’re trying to upgrade at Safety too, and that’s a position that they’ve really not addressed."

Being an obvious question for players, coaches, and experts, opinions will vary on whether the Bucs' lack of height at corner will be a big weakness for the Bucs defense. In Tampa, the situation could not be more apparent. Observing the projected top three corners on the roster, Verner, Grimes, and Hargreaves, they will be matched up with some of the tallest and most elite receivers in the league today.

At safety, the Bucs are also in the process of trying to improve as well. The Buccaneers’ lack of aggressiveness to find a quality safety was one area of weakness this offseason. The drafting of Central Carolina’s Ryan Smith tries to address this issue, but the reality is that he’s two seasons away from being a possible starter on defense. The Safety position can often be overlooked on a team’s roster. For the Bucs, let's hope this is a position we aren't hearing talked about in a negative light, or it could mean big plays for opposing offenses all season.

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