Dungy, Gruden Among NFL's Most Important People

USA Today unveiled their top 100 most important people in the NFL. While the Bucs did not have any current names with the franchise make the list, 2 former Bucs coaches did make the list.

The Buccaneers' organizational history is enough to turn anyone's stomach. Without going into a diatribe of the few ups and many downs over the Bucs' 40 years of existence, being the franchise to fire both Jon Gruden and Tony Dungy is nothing to be proud of.

Oddly enough, neither Gruden nor Dungy have coached on the sidelines in the past several years, but both are among USA Today's Top 100 Most Important People in the NFL.

57. Jon Gruden

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst. He makes the list not for his TV work, but because Gruden’s QB Camp has become a “must stop” for top NFL quarterback prospects prior to the last seven drafts.

Gruden continues to be one of the hot names every off-season since he was fired by the Buccaneers back in 2009. As a matter of fact, the Bucs were one of the teams courting Gruden during one of the past off-seasons, but without much success. Gruden has become the face of Monday Night Football, and his Gruden QB Camp is must watch TV leading up to every draft.  

74. Tony Dungy

NBC analyst. The Hall-of-Fame coach’s importance goes far beyond his TV duties. Many coaches and players still reach out to him for advice.

Dungy still lives in the Tampa Bay area and has his hands involved in different items throughout the Tampa Bay area. Dungy assisted USF's brain-trust in their coaching search a few years back that led to the hiring of Willie Taggart, a great hire! Perhaps Dungy would want to help USF in their pitch to join the Big 12.

Both Gruden and Dungy still reside in the Tampa Bay area, and now both are mentioned as 2 of the NFL's most important people. It's amazing that an organization who has hired and fired Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, and Lovie Smith during the past 7 years was also the organization that had both Dungy and Gruden roaming the sideline for the previous 12 years before that. 

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